Onboarding A New Executive: How To Create An Impact From Day One

The onboarding process is an essential part of an induction into a company. When it comes to onboarding a new executive, the process should be in-depth and well-planned to make sure they have every chance to succeed in their new role. Diana will share her 10 top tips with you how to onboard a new executive.

Report from the World: Global Trends for Executive Assistants

Since 2008 and the financial crisis, the world has changed and EAs have had to change with it. In our volatile and evolving environment, we will pull the curtain back on the important global trends that affect the 1 billion assistants in the world. Bonnie Low-Kramen has been speaking and teaching in 14 countries and counting. She will share what she is hearing and seeing. Up to the minute global trends and universal truths.

Establishing the Ultimate EA & Executive Partnership

ELSx Recording: EAs are a leader’s most powerful secret weapon. Like all vital relationships, building a Dream Team of leader/EA requires the hard work of planning, training, and nurturing. The results? The sky is the limit when this powerful pair are working in harmonious concert. Proof is evident in productivity, retention, profits, and high quality of life. We will explore the nuts and bolts of exactly how you can have an ultimate business partnership.

Go Beyond Checking the Box. Becoming An Indispensable Business Partner

ELSx Recording: The quick shot of dopamine from completing a task just isn’t enough anymore. In this webinar, hear Monique Helstrom, Chief of Simon Sinek, will offer her perspective on how recognizing the human behind the task can help you become an indispensable business partner and offer fulfillment that goes deeper than just checking a box.

Executive Assistants Leading the Charge

ELSx Recording: Excel Tables: The Excel Feature Every Assistant (And Your Team) Should Master Who motivates the motivator? Who leads the leader? You do! Erika Gilchrist spearheads this webinar on Executive Assistants Leading the Charge.

7 Must-Know Tools in Microsoft Office (with a Sprinkle of G Suite)

ELSx Recording: Save time on the simple things! Melissa Esquibel will rapid-fire share her best tips with you in this fast-paced frolic through Office and G Suite tips and tricks. Here are just 5 of the time-devouring things you’ll be able to stop doing after this webinar:

Why Your Salary Isn’t Enough: How to Better Negotiate Your Worth

ELSx Recording: Top career coach and specialist in salary negotiations, Al-Husein Madhany will share the business case for how and why you are short-changing yourself when it comes to your finances. He will outline how he helps assistants around the world with his data-driven and proven strategies that are realistic, reasonable and actually work to secure the salary you deserve.

Take Me to Your Leader…Your Assistant

ELSx Recording: The next step in your career as a successful assistant is leadership. Believe us when we say it, leadership works! We will turn the page on the old paradigm of assistants as support-only roles, and offer strategies for preparing to lead, being recognized as a leader, and seeking leadership opportunities in and out of the workplace.

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