Executive Assistant of the Week: New York City

Trish Stadler
Former Manager/EA to COO, Tata Communications
Founder of Withers & Mane, a Life Coach Practice

Trish Stadler is a seasoned administrative professional, experienced in multiple industries including 18 years in the television industry, as well as various technology firms. Sought out mentor and coach, she loves what she does and loves to pass on her experience as the role of the executive assistant evolves and becomes more significant to the C Suite executives of today. Trish’s greatest achievement is advocating for the Administrative Professional in the corporate structure bringing awareness to the importance of ongoing training, coaching and career growth. Trish enjoys anything with horses or the beach in her spare time.

Trish Stadler will be one of the distinguished contributors at the ELS Forum: New York City October 29-30, 2019

1) If you could say something to people who think you’re “just an admin” or “just a secretary,” what would it be? What would you say to other assistants who still have that mindset?

I would suggest dropping the word “just” from their vocabulary entirely…I would use the opportunity to educate them on how the role has evolved significantly – I find in most cases where I hear this it comes from ignorance – it is up to the EA to get the word out – we are awesome!

2) If you had one or two colleagues to help plan the biggest event of your career, who would you call upon?

I would enlist my IT person and someone from Corporate Comms. To pull off a great event you need Technology and you need good Communication!

3) How do you practice self care?

This is one of the most important things an EA can do for themselves to avoid burnout and maintain a healthy balance in their lives. I make sure I take care of myself by using my meditation app (often throughout the work day), talking with other EAs (schedule lunch with some of your favorite EAs and make it a monthly thing), coaching, even as a coach, I turn to a coach when I need to work through something, this is a huge help! Also I take care of myself to stay healthy, eat right, workout, spend time with horses and even at times, just do nothing (this is the hardest thing for me to do but I make myself do it and do it without guilt). We are at our best when we are healthy inside and out.